Family building, one trip at a time

We have been in New Zealand, visiting Ryan’s family.  The are new family to me, really, but even Ryan doesn’t know them well.  He grew up in another country to his cousins and aunts.  This is our third visit to them – the second since our marriage.  And, although it sounds funny to say it, on this trip they finally started feeling more like relatives.

I didn’t get much writing done on this trip.  Mostly because there was very little down-time.  We celebrated a big joyous wedding and two birthdays.  We shared bathrooms and car trips and hats.  We shared food and stories and laughter.  And I think that is the beginnings of family.

The stories shared?  Just the normal stories every family has, funny stories aren’t really funny unless you know the main characters.  There’s mushy ones too, like the way the bride and groom got to know each other, and how he proposed.  There are others that are ancient history, about elderly aunts growing up together.

We made some new stories, too.  I think I shall forever be the daughter-in-law that eats prodigous amounts, and shockingly mangles the Queen’s English.  Ryan now has a reputation to maintain as an entertainer of small boys.

oh-mi-goodness did we eat!  I have a list of recipes I want to try, for dishes both new and remembered.  Starting with caramel slice, pink coconut slice  and trifle.  And we are friends with all Ryan’s cousins on Facebook.  And one of those elderly aunts is threatening to visit, and I think we’ll be sending many more Christmas cards this year.  Definitely family.


One response to “Family building, one trip at a time

  1. Your trip makes me even more excited that Thanksgiving is next week. I am so lo0king forward to the gathering of my family and my sister-in-law’s family–a first for all of us together not celebrating a big event. There’s nothing like people who have a shared reason to be happy together spending a day of eating and telling about the good old times.

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