In which there are more rocks.

I was going to say I have rocks in my heart, but that doesn’t sound good at all.  You know how I picked up a piece of quartz on the weekend?  Since then, I realised I pick up rocks everywhere.  Pebbles from the beach in Nice and Brighton.  Colourful marble gravel used for making roadbase in central Vietnam.  Lovely smooth granite rocks in Fontainbleau and Castle Hill.  Everywhere I’ve travelled, I’ve brought home small bits of geology.

Anyhow, once I got home, I tried my best to clean up my new piece of quartz.  She was dripping dry when I went back to my computer, and saw this new post from Suzie.  So now I could spiritually clean my quartz as well!  I also cleansed my iron pyrite rock.  It’s lovely reflective crystals apparently allow it to reflect and repel negative energy, and that’s certainly something I could use.

But apparently the internet wasn’t finished with me yet.  Rachelle wrote a lovely post about Rosh Hashanah, with more rocks.  This time, the rocks got thrown in a pond with her misdeeds and regrets.  I love that idea.  And she linked to Jen’s person ritual on the same theme.  Jen finishes with the idea of trust, and expressing trust in yourself, your universe and in others.  That is something I need to practice.

I wasn’t really sure where all this geological focus was leading, so I decided to consult an expert.  Not a geologist (I think they’d just tell me my rose quartz was actually something else, and cleansing crystals is best done with oxalic acid, not sunlight), but an expert in all the quirky spirits and deities in this world, who might be interested in rocks.  So I emailed Anne, at The Gods Are Bored.

Anne told me some Native Americans believe inanimate objects contain spirits called a Kachina, so each of my rocks has a little God or Godess in it.  This idea really tickles me.  She also suggest I group my rocks geographically, to help the Kachinas communicate with each other.  Given that my rocks are spatially distributed in every knook and cranny of this house, it could be difficult.  But I think it’s time I dug them all out.


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