In the wild

We’ve been climbing outdoors just about every other weekend.  And I’ve had some big wins!  We went to Nerriga three weeks ago and I lead my first climb.  It was only 3 bolts and really slabby – but I did it!

So what’s lead climbing?  I started trying to write a description, but wikipedia does it much better here.  It’s a bit more dangerous than top-roping, because you are responsible for clipping the rope into protection as you go up.  This means stopping, putting a clip on a bolt or a cam, pulling up some slack in the rope and clipping it in.  If you fall just before you clip, you’ll fall twice the distance from your last clip – particularly scary when you’re still near the ground!

Then last week we went bouldering.  I find bouldering quite demoralising – it’s full of long, powerful, dynamic moves, and leaps of faith.  And there’s no rope to trust!  But I got up one good climb.  For the rest of the day, I just enjoyed being out in the bush.  Climbing is taking us into patches of wilderness we’d never otherwise get to see.


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