Taking Stock, Making Stock

Do you have those days when it all gets away from you?  My kitchen is a pigsty, I need to do laundry, and I’m missing some critical pieces of paper for my taxes.  I’ve double-booked a wedding-trip with a conference,  haven’t called my sisters in so long…

I made vegetable stock tonight.  It’s simple.  It makes me feel like an  earth-mother and a domestic- goddess rolled into one.   Making stock is good for my wallet, good for my health and makes me feel gourmet.    Which is good when I feel so completely incompetent at life in general.

It’s good to stop and do something simple.  My house smells good.  I’m able to look back on the last month and acknowledge all the things we accomplished, even while the dishes piled up.

  • I’ve finally updated the header image for this blog
  • I’ve climbed outdoors 3 times, and many more times at the gym.  I’m feeling better each time!
  • I’ve joined a new dance class and bought a hula hoop.
  • We’ve had friends for dinner and friends to stay.
  • I’ve found out who I need to talk to about teaching….

Do you have simple activities that bring you back to yourself?


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