Food and Love

In my last post I mentioned I had a food blog.  I guess I started a food blog because I will always, always eat and always have food to write about.  A slight obsession?  Perhaps.  But it’s deeper than that.

I believe food is important.  I believe stories are important.  I believe the people who share our stories and our food, in some ways become family.  And our family are really those that, in their heart, know all our stories.  If we can grow our ‘bigger’ family by sharing more food and more stories, we spread tolerance and acceptance and abundance.

Cheesy, no?  But hold that thought.  I’m not all about sunshine and light.  The last time we went to the ANZAC dawn service, we heard a lovely minister speak – the chief chaplain for the Australian Defence Forces.  He asked us to pray for peace in our world, and peace in our homes.  The first, well, I guess I can pray.  But peace in my home I can work towards.  And it can start with anzac bikkies and a story shared over a cup of tea.

So now you know how central food is in my belief system ( Check out some one else’s here).  It should come as no great surprise that many of my 101 goals are food related.

15.  Go vegetarian for a month

16.  Have a dinner party once a month

17.  Take better food photos

18.  Make a cook book

19.  Bake my own bread.

20.  Make a ginger bread house

21.  Make my own cheese

22.  Go on a picnic

23.  Cook Christmas Lunch

24.  Make tofu

25.  Try 10 new restaurants

26.  Take a cooking class


2 responses to “Food and Love

  1. Hmm. Nice list. Where do you live.

  2. I live in Canberra, Australia. Not exactly the foodie capital, but I have access to a lot of wonderful fresh produce. And a lot of tempting restaurants.
    Thanks for commenting!

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