Happy August

I hope you had a great July.  I have big plans for August.  We will be going climbing near Mittagong, I’ve taken up bellydance again, and I have so much stuff I want to write about the posts keep getting jumbled up in my head.

I want to write about work.  I am not totally in love with my job.  My boss is kind, highly intelligent, and over committed to his work.  The system we maintain and run is his baby!  This is inspiring, as far as it goes, but it is not my baby.  I think I want to teach.  I think I would be a great teacher of this technical wizardry that has become my profession.  I want to write and teach, and build websites – none of which I get to do in my current job.  So in my list of 101 things there are a few to do with writing, re-training and getting outside my professional comfort zone.  One day I would like a life where I write, teach, blog and don’t have a nine to five job.  One day.

10.  Find out about teaching at the universities near where I live.

11.  Learn about website SEO and internet marketing.  Do more of it.

12.  Get a TEFL qualification – because I think teaching English would be incredibly rewarding.

13.  Start a blog about my technical field

14.  Keep my food blog alive and kicking.


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